About Us

You’ve always had a passion for people. Doing the ordinary is just not You!

Helping others succeed or find their way… Guiding individuals to discover their true identity. Now, that’s what you strive for. Some say it’s just another job. But for you, it’s a calling – A life Coach!

So you did the planning. Took the big step. Got the accreditation. Congratulations! You are now a life coach…


BYOUSELF was created to give guidance and support to a variety of successful and aspired Life Coaches. BYOUSELF (PTY) LTD. is an Accredited Life Coach Platform and Community to empower and create change for each individual coach.

At BYOUSELF you will have the opportunity to constantly reflect on yourself and your coaching practices. You will receive feedback, advice and guidance from fellow successful Life Coaches. You will have access to a platform that gives each individual coach the guidance and support needed to succeed.

Every accredited life coach will gain more confidence on a daily basis by participating in the BYOUSELF community

BYOUSELF Life Coach Alliance members trust in their own ability to heal and help others. To let go of any triggers which may cause negative emotions. BYOUSELF motivates individuals to live a more fulfilled life by opening up for change, endless self-growth, and development. And to take back your confidence!

How it works?

As a new member, you will have the option of going through an assessment process, during which your desired level of coaching expertise and practice will be assessed.  

After becoming a member, you will be listed as a life coach of BYOUSELF PTY. Being a coach member entitles you to be part of a platform from which you will gain endless self-development and business growth.  You will now have the chance to design and develop your own unique Life Coach Business niche. The opportunity to practice your niche and actually run programs. 

At BYOUSELF you will be given the coaching tools that can be used for any life coaching practices, such as:

  • Business Start Up Plan
  • Coaching Stationery
  • Business Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Support

Depending on your level of alliance with BYOUSELF, you will be given continues daily support through digital and social media marketing.

About Me

I am Thearine Barnard. Life Coach.  And founder of BYOUSELF.

To become a life coach, was more than just a career change for me.  I have such an enormous passion for people. To see, individuals succeed.  To help them find that beauty, that passion within themselves. Becoming a life coach has been a life altering event for me.  

Let me tell you, I could not wait to get started! To create my own programs. To change lives. To take on the world! However, after completing my accreditation I felt a bit lost. I needed a support system that didn’t exist. Personal support. Marketing support. Financial support.  And so much more. I later discovered that in fact, I was not alone, as many other fellow Life Coaches was seeking the same kind of support.  

During this desperate need for support. Something amazing happened! BYOUSELF was born…

Here at BYOUSELF each Life coach member lives their own chosen and beautifully created truth and authentic life. By sharing knowledge, experience, and stories BYOUSELF Life Coaches empower other individuals to take control & responsibility over their destiny and to love the precious gift we receive each day, called LIFE.

Embark on a continues journey with fellow coaches, which will enable positive change in your coaching and personal life.  We believe in a positive change, that will empower you to be the best version of yourself.  

Vision and Mission:

  • To improve current programs which will offer support to aspiring and current coaches;
  • Current and aspiring life coaches will be developed to EMPOWER, CREATE & CHANGE lives;
  • To create new programs and tools which will enhance the confidence and skills of life coaches;
  • To develop an aspiring platform which will improve current and aspiring coaches’ abilities, expertise and overall experience;
  • To work from a space of authenticity and integrity with each member and alliance;
  • To produce and refine business ideas and structures for all coaches in the capacity of their membership alliances.



We are inspired by growth, change, and empowering our coaching community and are honoured to serve you authentically with the greatest integrity and humility.

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