Education is not valuable in itself but the application of the knowledge and skills learned.

We are not only focused on providing monthly support to equip Life Coaches- but also to assist with the application of the knowledge and skills learned with greater confidence.

Individual Growth & Development Programs

After you have completed one or more Life Coaching Courses you might feel the need for more growth and development....

A wide variety of programs will be launched by selected professional life coaches to develop and empower themselves and others. We have created a space of opportunities to develop and design own unique workshops and programs to improve and help individuals.


Life Coach & NLP Comunity

Have you completed your Life Coach and/or NLP Certification and you feel you are alone and not sure where to start and how to continue?

Monthly life coach assemblies, hosted by a variety of members, will allow coaches to meet to share best practice and knowledge. The main purpose of the coaching assemblies is to have the support and form part of a like-minded coaching community to share experiences and challenges.

Life Coaching practice space rental

You are a qualified Life coach or in the process of your accreditation and you need a safe space to coach your coachee...

We have created an office space for all Life coaches to book on an hourly rate to coach up to 8 individuals.

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